Monday, 4 November 2013

Yeah...We are good to go!

Otondos, here's a quick one. If you are posted to Ekiti state and interested in the art and craft of Bead-making and Ankara Fabric Accessories, meet us at NYSC Ekiti camp, Ise-emure. To locate our stand, simply call 07065762845 or add BB pin: 2A85F4D6. Also interested in make-up artistry? AdornedbyJoy will be there to tutor prospective MUAs. There'll be discounts and lots of freebies. Safe trip dearies!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Video: How to Make Fabric Earrings.

This DIY video explains the step by step processes of making a fabric earring. Hope you understand each step as you watch. Happy viewing!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Students turned "CEOs"

So I decided to do a post about my students. Everyday a CEO is born.The unemployment rate in the country is virtually turning everyone to a I've been privileged to train several people and its been a wonderful experience meeting and interacting with these personalities.Here are some of the wonderful people I've met;

Blessing, CEO, B'zign crafts. Very gentle girl and cute too. Our training sessions were nice.

Bimpe 'alagidi of life', CEO, O'beampeh Couture. Very stubborn girl. It was a tough time with her but very interesting too. Bimpe i 'milz' you oh...

                                Jenni, CEO, Beads by Jenni's. Another 'alagidi' girl.

                               She truly looks like a

Bisola, gentle babe. She hasn't come up with a name yet but soon i know she'll be CEO "somtin somtin'

Aunty Tutu, CEO in-the- making. Very hospitable lady...I was treated like a special guest on this day. Sis, i wanna come again so i can 'bellewise'

Ronke 'alaako', CEO, Cherri's....This babe can make shakara for

                                            Stay tuned. More to come. *wink*  
Been a nice time with you girls. I've not only taught but also learnt from you. May God bless the works of our hands.

PHOTOS: Beads & Fabric Accessories

Don't you just love love To place orders, call 07065762845 0r add BB pin: 2A85F4D6.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Do-It-Yourself: Fabric Notebook

                                Wondering how fabric notebooks are made? Its so so easy. 
                           All you need is your notebook, scissors, tape rule, adhesive gum and fabric.You can do it yourself. Its very easy. Follow the steps below:

1. Measure the height and width of your notebook. Add extra 2inches to your measurement(this excess will be folded in).

                                                     2. Measure your fabric and cut.

                                                   3. Place the notebook on the fabric.                                                      

                  4. Apply gum(not too much) to the front cover of the notebook and place the fabric on it.

               5. Repeat the step 4 on the back cover of the notebook. 
6. Open the notebook, apply gum to the edges of the front cover and fold the excess fabric in. Repeat this process on the back cover.

                                                    You'll get this after folding.
  7. Apply gum on the inner-section of the front cover.Stick the first page to it. Repeat this process on the back cover.

                                     Sefini!!! And we have our fabric notebook.
       You can beautify it with a bow. You know we ladies like 'serenren'

                                                   And your fabric notebook is ready....

Do you want to learn more? Then join us on Saturday, 2nd of November for the next edition of Serrano's Accessories Training. For more info, call 07065762845 or add BB pin; 2A85F4D6 or simply send a mail to


Friday, 18 October 2013


Wow!!! Isn't it amazing how style has and is even still evolving? From afro wigs and sofe to baggy jeans, now its jeggings,etc. Even ankara no gree carry!
 Back in the days, it used to be just iro and buba, skirt and blouse and so on and so forth *but levels don change*. Now ankara can be used to make virtually any fashion accessory for any occasion.


  So so amazing. Or what do you think?

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Photos: Fabric Accessories

All available in wholesale and retail quantity. For interests, add BB pin: 2A85F4D6 or call 07065762845 or simply send an e-mail to