Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Students turned "CEOs"

So I decided to do a post about my students. Everyday a CEO is born.The unemployment rate in the country is virtually turning everyone to a CEO...lol. I've been privileged to train several people and its been a wonderful experience meeting and interacting with these personalities.Here are some of the wonderful people I've met;

Blessing, CEO, B'zign crafts. Very gentle girl and cute too. Our training sessions were nice.

Bimpe 'alagidi of life', CEO, O'beampeh Couture. Very stubborn girl. It was a tough time with her but very interesting too. Bimpe i 'milz' you oh...

                                Jenni, CEO, Beads by Jenni's. Another 'alagidi' girl.

                               She truly looks like a CEO...lol

Bisola, gentle babe. She hasn't come up with a name yet but soon i know she'll be CEO "somtin somtin'...lol

Aunty Tutu, CEO in-the- making. Very hospitable lady...I was treated like a special guest on this day. Sis, i wanna come again so i can 'bellewise'...lol

Ronke 'alaako', CEO, Cherri's....This babe can make shakara for Africa...lol

                                            Stay tuned. More to come. *wink*  
Been a nice time with you girls. I've not only taught but also learnt from you. May God bless the works of our hands.


  1. Amen.. My honourable Teacher :) God bless u too.

  2. hello! i love your designs....
    i want to enroll in the upcoming training for july.... hw can i meet you?