Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Ekiti Experience

Serrano's was at the NYSC camp, Ise-emure, Ekiti in November, 2013. Another three-weeks experience, we became corp members We trained corp members in Bead-making and Fabric Accessories Craft. AdornedbyJoy of Adorned Fashion House was also there to tutor corp members in make-up Artistry and Gele tying. It was fun interacting with different personalities. Some became friends, some became family. CEOs were born. Pictures speak!


Miss Joy in action 

worked in the dark....they dint wanna
Corper Chika explaining to Corper Tricia...another teacher in the making!

We laughed.
Corper Itunu in action
 Miss Joy of life


Even non-corp members got trained.


Make-up class

It was truly a wonderful experience. May God bless the works of our hands. AMEN!



  1. AMEN TO THE PRAYER...I pray i get this opportunity when i go for my NYSC too*seriously praying*
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  2. Nice works....great hand Works;U guys are going places!